Sisterhood/International Relations

Sisterhood Relations - Beaverton, Oregon (USA)

Beaverton, Oregon (USA)
  • Location: State of Oregon in the northwestern USA (near Portland)
  • Area: 51.78㎢ (1/12 of Cheonan)
  • Population: 92,000 (Korean population: 1,000)
  • Notable characteristics: Suburban area adjacent to a metropolitan city, advanced electronic industry
  • Average temperature: 15.28℃ (frequent flooding in winter)
  • Average rainfall: 1,139㎜
  • Date of sisterhood establishment: May 1, 1989
  • Official website:
  • Mayor: Denny Doyle
  • Local
    • enterprises: Tektronix, Nike etc.
    • Tourism: Tualatin Valley, Mt. Hood, recreational district
    • Transportation features: Portland Airport, Port of Portland, highway, high-speed local roads
  • Sister cities: Cheonan (Korea), Gotemba (Japan), Hsinchu (Taiwan), Trossingen (Germany), Birobidjan (Russia)

Sisterhood Relations - Shijiazhuang (China)

Shijiazhuang (China)
  • Location: Southern part of Hebei Province in China (298km from Beijing)
  • Area: 15,848㎢ (city center: 307㎦)
  • Population: 12 million (2.1 million in the city center)
  • Number of enterprises: 1,800
  • Transportation features: Transportation network, connecting to other major cities in China, and an international airport
  • Date of sisterhood establishment: Aug. 26, 1997
  • Official website:
  • Economic
    • cluster of North China: Some 60 large markets, 50 department stores, 30,000 commercial areas
    • Accelerated advancement in foreign trade: About 400 types of products exported to 112 countries

      4th city of kindness

    • Main industries: Cotton textiles, medicine, electronics, chemicals, machinery, architectur
    • Well-developed agriculture, forestry and stock-farming industries: wheat and corn

      Specialty products: pear varieties

  • Regional characteristics
    • Became an open city (free trade city) in 1992
    • Capital of Hebei Province: Center of politics, economy, science, culture, education and information
    • Automated international calling with 157 countries, location of foreign financial institutions
  • Sister cities: Cheonan (Korea), Des Moines (USA), Saskatoon (Canada), Palma (Italy), Nagano (Japan)

Sisterhood Relations - Wendeng District of Weihai City (China)

Wendeng District of Weihai City (China)
  • Location: Eastern Shandong Province in China (same latitude as Chungcheongnam-do Province)
  • Area: 1,645㎢
  • Population: 650,000
  • Transportation features: Weihai Airport (some 10 flight routes) and Bukou Port (National Class 2)
  • Specialty products: Dairy products, silk, apples, grains, peanuts and shrimps
  • Date of sisterhood establishment: Nov. 15, 2002
  • Official website:
  • Regional conditions
    • Located adjacent to the eastern coast of China (invigorated economic development and investor relations)
    • A rising industrial city with growing automotive, machinery, electronic, chemical, fiber, food product and embroidery industries
    • Some 300 Korean companies have expanded into this region (a total of 500 foreign enterprises)

      Enterprises from Cheonan: K-Won Electronics, 777 Co., Ltd., and Kumkang Plastic

    • Establishment of the Cheonan Industrial Center (330,578.512m2 industrial complex)
  • Sister cities: Cheonan (Korea), Missouri (USA), Bupyeong-gu, Incheon (Korea), Ulju-gun, Ulsan (Korea)

Sisterhood Relations - Buyukcekmece (Turkey)

Wendeng District of Weihai City (China)
  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Area: 185㎢
  • Population: 200,000 (increases to nearly 800,000 during the summer vacation season)
  • Date of sisterhood establishment: July 6, 2013
  • Official website:
  • Mayor: Dr. Hasan Akgun
  • Regional characteristics
    • A vacation city located in Istanbul, Turkey
    • A 2-hour drive to and from Istanbul
    • A tourist city with the splendid Marmara Beach as well as many historical sites dating back to the Medieval Period such as the mosques and Buyukcekmece Bridge (by architect Mimar Sinan)
  • Sister cities: Cheonan (Korea) and Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

Friendly Exchanges with Harare, Zimbabwe

Wendeng District of Weihai City (China)
  • Location: The capital of Zimbabwe, located northeast of the country
  • Area: 630㎢
  • Population: 2.1 million
  • Language: English
  • Industry: Main products are corn and Virginia tobacco; machine, chemical, and textile industries are developed.
  • Culture and arts: Music and dance (Major festival: HIFA)
  • Conclusion of friendly cooperation: July 20, 2016
  • Homepage:
  • Regional characteristics
    • The city with world's best city planning (the center of economy and industry)
    • Various mineral resources and rich tourism resources
    • East Gate Center located in the city, a building that maintains low temperature even without air conditioner (using only 10% of the energy used in other buildings of equal size)
    • The best industrial foundation and international competitiveness among African countries following Republic of South Africa
    • Outstanding agricultural infrastructure such as manufacturing, large-scale commercial farming, etc. and high-quality labor force (English used as official language; most of the laborers completed secondary education)
  • Status of sister (friendship) city relations: Cheonan (South Korea), Munich (Germany), Nottingham (England), Baltimore and Cincinnati (the United States), Guangzhou (China)

Friendly exchange: Prince George’s County, U.S.A

  • Location: Maryland, U.S.A. – Adjacent to Washington, D.C.
  • Area: 1,292㎢
  • Population: Approx. 908,000 (As of 2016)
  • Major industries: Service, trade, construction, etc.
  • Current school situation: Universities, i.e. Maryland state universities: 6, 12 high schools
  • Friendly cooperation agreement: 2017.09.15
  • Homepage :
  • Regional characteristics
    • The largest in Maryland, which is composed of 27 local self-governing bodies
    • The region is fairly low; most regions are flatlands
    • Average summer temperature is high: 31.3°C inside and out. Average winter temperature is fairly low: –4.3°C
    • Has around 200 clear days and 100 rainy days in a year (Average for the U.S.A)
  • Major organizations
    • County Executive: Rushern L. Baker III (Democratic Party)
    • County Council: Derrick Leon Davis (Democratic Party)
    • EDC (Economic Development Corporation): Business license support, support for medium- and-small-sized businesses within the county, opening of a business forum, enticement of various different business, etc.
  • Relationships with sister (friendly) cities: South Africa Royal Bafokeng Nation, Israel Rishon LeZion, Senegal Zinguinchor