Current Foreign Industrial Complex Situation

3rd industrial complex foreign investment regions (Individual)

Current complex construction situation)
  • Comlex name: Cheonan 3rd industrial complex expansion project (Individual foreign investment region)
  • Location: Il-won, Chaam-dong, Seobok-gu, Cheonan-si
  • Area: 797,577.4 ㎡ (241 thousand Pyeongs)
  • Businesses to attract: Electrical equipment, electrical ccomponents, computers, high-tech industry, chemical products, etc.
  • Project expenses: 420.3 billion KRW
Current business residential situation
  • Contract percentage: 100%
  • Resident companies: Edward Korea, Korea Umicore, Advantest, ROHM&HAAS, Dow Chemical Company, DisplayTech, NovaTech, etc.
  • Resident percentage: 100%
  • Operation percentage: 100%

5th industrial complex - foreign investor region (complex)

Current complex construction situation
  • Complex name: Cheonan 5th industrial complex foreign investment region (complex)
  • Location: Il-won, Shinpung-ri, Sushin-myeon, Daehwa-ri, Seongnam-Myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si
  • Area: 336,208㎡(101 thousand Pyeongs)
  • Business to attract: New material industry, advanced part material industry, fabricated metal industry, etc.
  • Project expenditure: 84 billion KRW (national expenditure: 58.4 billion KRW, city: 12.5 billion KRW, state: 12.5 billion KRW)
Current business residency situation (As of 2016.12.31)
  • Contract percentage: 100% (18 businesses)
  • Residency percentage: 75% (14 businesses)
  • Operation percentage: 69% (13 businesses)