Entrance Qualifications and Matters of Support

Residence qualifications

  • Investment amount: over 248 thousand KRW/㎡
  • Foreign investor stake: Over 30% share in capital increase
  • Type of business: Manufacturing businesses, distribution businesses, etc.
  • The FDI condition states that an investment that exceeds the temporary site price must be made within 5 years of the contract being signed
(Foreign investment business & FDI conditions)
  • Manufacturing business: Over $30 million
  • Tourism business: Over $20 million
  • R&D: Over $2 million (10 people with Masters degrees of 3 years or over)

Foreign investment business incentive regulations

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Foreign investment business incentive regulations
외국인투자기업 인센티브 규정에 대한 표로서 구분, 단지형, 개발형에 대한 내용입니다.
Division Complex Development
Tax reduction
  • Corporate tax, income tax: 5 years (3 years: 100%, +2 years: 50%)
  • Local tax (city, state): 100% within 15 years
  • 5-year capital goods exemption
  • Rental fee: 10/1,000 of site value
  • Corporate tax, income tax: 7 years (5 years: 100%, +2 years: 50%)
  • Local tax (city, state): 100% within 15 years
Reduction and support – common factors
  • Conditions: Manufacturing business: Over $10 million/Distribution business: Over $5 million
  • 5-year capital goods exemption
  • For industry support service businesses and high-technology head businesses: A 7-year reduction in income tax and corporate taxes, regardless of region
  • Cash support ratio: 60% national expenditure, 40% local expenditure (city: 20%, state: 20%)
  • Article 6, Clause 4 of the National Financial Funding Support Standards for Foreign Investment Invitation Activities by Local Governments
  • Article 8, Clause 8 of the Cash Support System Operation Guidelines
  • Article 10, Clause 2 of the Ordinance and Enforcement Regulations of Foreign Investment Invitation Promotion in Chungcheongnam-do
  • Infrastructural support: All sorts of facility support provided, including 100% water and 50% gas/waste water.