Future of Cheonan

The Vision of Cheonan
The Goal of Cheonan A larger Cheonan with more happiness
City Policies
  • A comfortable, people-focused city
  • A warm city that everyone can enjoy
  • A rich city in which all citizens live happily
  • An active city that dreams of the future
  • A city full of hope in which the citizens are the owners
Areas of Emphasis
  • Constructing a safe city that takes responsibility for the safety and lives of its citizens
  • Establishing a faster and more convenient Smart transit system
  • Creating solid welfare that can be shared and enjoyed together
  • Building a childcare environment that allows children to be happy and parents to feel at ease
  • Fostering an economy based on jobs that lead innovation and growth
  • Expanding on the basis of a city with equality in which all regions live equally well
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of farming areas by fostering future agriculture that is one step ahead
  • Creating an elegant cultural city that enriches life
  • Expanding into a healthy ‘green city’ in which people and nature live in harmony
  • Creating a citizen-focused administration run through communication and participation