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Welcome to the website of Cheonan, the location of Cheonan Three-Way Intersection and where Heungtaryeong originated!

Cheonan has a long history and tradition as an area of human settlement since the prehistoric times. This is attested by the profusion of cultural properties and historical sites distributed across the city. Cheonan was also the birthplace of a number of patriots who fought for the independence of Korea and freedom of its people, and their legacies and inspirational stories are carried on here.

Cheonan has long been considered the “heart of the Korean peninsula” exerting a strong impact on the national well-being. In addition, it was a gathering place for people and goods from Chungcheong-do, Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do provinces, and culture and the arts flourished centering on this region. As a result, many forms of the arts and entertainment as well as the regional cuisine underwent substantial development.

  • Cheonan is a place of leisure and relaxation
  • Cheonan is a place filled with excitement
  • Cheonan is where you can enjoy a variety of things to see, enjoy and eat throughout the year

Cheonan has a thousand different faces that everyone can appreciate!