We’re ready to make a ‘bigger and happier Cheonan’ together with our citizens.

We’d like to extend a sincere welcome to you
and thank you for your visit to the Cheonan City Hall homepage.

The highest value of government operation is the people. Our dream is to realize the dream of both us and our citizens: ‘a people-centered Cheonan in which women and children live happily’.

We’re excited to create a Cheonan city that provides all citizens an environment in which they can realize their dreams and live happily.

To repay all of our citizens for their choice, we promise continuous growth and development in Cheonan. We can’t wait to change the future of Cheonan.

This homepage is a ‘discussion forum’ for our citizens. We are committed to listening intently to the voice of each and every citizen.

We plan to humbly complete our vision of a ‘Happy, Citizen-focused Cheonan’ alongside our citizens.

Thank you.

Mayor of Cheonan